Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bedroom furniture makeover

I recently had a viewer of my blog comment and ask if I could give her some tips to paint her bedroom furniture!  And the answer is....OF COURSE!  :)

I have the Broyhill Fontana bedroom furniture, but the color of wood just didn't look right in our home.  So I did a little research...went to the Broyhill website and noticed that they have the bed in a honey oak color AND black!  I LOVED it.  I knew it would be a lot of work to paint mine, but I didn't have any kids I had NO excuse!

Then, my friend Sarah saw what I did and wanted to do hers too.  She has the same bedroom suite as I do, so she could see exactly what it would look like before she painted hers.  Smart move.  I didn't really HAVE that luxury in person.  Just a website to see it. 

I love black furniture, but imagine all the possibilities with all the colors out there!  Seriously, I would LOVE to see all your ideas!  I've got to figure out how to put up one of those links where ya'll can enter in your blog addresses and your before & after pictures!  :)  If anyone has any idea how to do that...let me know!  HA!!!

Anyway, back to the furniture.  Here's what I did:
  1. Buy some liquid sander deglosser.  I bought mine at Lowe's, but I'm sure you can get it at Home Depot, Ace Hardware, etc... (the exact stuff I bought is pictured above).
  2. Use some old rags (or a cut up t-shirt) and rub it all over your furniture.  Don't pour it directly on the furniture, as I saw a little bit of a squiggly pattern when I was done with mine (which thankfully didn't show after I had painted it).  You want to pour it on the rag first, and then rub on a thin coat all over.  Since it's bedroom furniture that is used quite a bit, I would suggest two coats.  Read the directions on the back to see how long it takes the first coat to dry.  (P.S.  It's not long!)
  3. After your furniture is all dry from the deglosser, it's time to paint it up pretty!  If you have access to a air compressor and sprayer, I suggest you spray it.  (If you do this, you need to pour a little water in the paint mixture to thin it up a bit (not much water)...mix it up...and start spraying).  You add the water so it doesn't clog your sprayer up.  That's what my friend did...she's got a handy husband who has a super big compressor -- and it worked GREAT!  If you aren't that fortunate (like me)...I do it the old fashioned way.  Grab that can of paint and a paint brush and start painting.  I'd recommend at least two coats of paint.  And make SURE you let each coat dry really good.  I mean, like at LEAST a whole day...if not two.  I've learned that paint that hasn't cured well does NOT mix with everyday use of those pieces of furniture.  Do it right.  You won't regret it.  :)
  4. If you feel the need, after everything is painted and it looks can put on a coat or two of polyurethane.  You can choose a shiny or matte sheen.  Sarah also used the air compressor and sprayer to spray a thin coat over her furniture.  As for me, I didn't do this step.  It's held up really well, but I do have a picture frame on our dresser that kinda sticks when I lift it up to dust.'s not that big of a deal to me.  It's not horrible.  Maybe I just didn't wait long enough for it to cure all the way.  HA!  Oops!!
  5. Put your room back together and show everyone how good your work turned out.  I bet they'll want to paint theirs too! 
  6. The End.
There's the tutorial on how to do it.  Now, here are the before and after pictures from Sarah's room...

Doesn't it look FAB?!?!?!?  :)

I have had some people ask why the beds are different in the before and after picture.  If you notice, the before picture has a queen sized bed and the after picture has a king sized bed.  This is my friend Sarah's bedroom.  She originally had a queen sized bed -- and right before she started painting this set, she sold it and upgraded to a kind sized bed.  So that's why you see a different bed in the 'after' pictures.  Because it IS a different bed.  She wasn't going to set up the bigger bed and take it upstairs just for her before picture...then take it apart again, to carry it back downstairs to the garage.**


cheryl said...

It DOES look amazing!! I asked Sarah if you could "borrow" Jon's spray gun when you come here, b/c I want to paint my BR furniture. Not the Ethan Allen pieces, but the 1976 Sears Open Hearth stuff!! Yes, it's STILL in there! ha!

Natalie said...

I was looking through your blog and super cute. I love when people transform furniture with a can of paint! Looks great... I was reading about your sander/deglosser and I used this the other day but think I did it wrong... do you wipe on a coat and let it sit? I put some on my old t-shirt and wiped down a bed like i was wiping off dust- but I think I should have let it sit?
Any suggestions??

Amy @ Pretty Frugal Pretties said...

Hi Natalie,

That's exactly how I do it it too. I don't let it sit...I think if you did, it would strip it down way too far. I think the point of the deglosser is to just 'rough it up' a bit and take the sheen off. That's what helps the paint stick better! Or at least what I've been told! :)

Let me know how your project goes! :) I'd LOVE to see before and after pictures!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious why the "before" picture of the bed is a different headboard than the "after" picture. The pine colored one is a queen and the black colored one is a king (double curves on the top)

We have this Fontana king set. I want to paint it a darker color.

Anonymous said...

OMG... I am trying this... I have Fontana furniture & want it black, too. I will post how it turns out with before & after pix!
I am soo glad I found your blog.

Cindy N said...

I have this same bedroom set and want to paint it black as well. Would you please tell me the kind and brand of black paint you used? Also, does the polyurethane keep the paint from being sticky? I've never painted finished wood before and am scared to death, but really want to update the furniture since it is of good quality.

Amy said...

@Cindy N --

If you click on my FAQ's tab at the top of the page, I show what black paint I used! :)

Also, the polyurethane just makes it easier to dust and seals/finishes it up good. I don't use this on all my furniture -- but definitely did on the top of my kitchen table so when glasses 'sweat', they don't leave a ring and ruin the furniture.

Don't be afraid! You can TOTALLY do it! :)